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Sustainability and Climate Change


I know the greatest challenge facing our present and future is the effects of climate change. I also know that it’s greatest effects won’t be felt by me, but instead by my 12 year old daughter’s generation, and the greatest costs will be felt by those who can least afford it. The County is taking every step possible to reduce our own impact on our climate, but also in prioritizing sustainability in all of our work.


  • Phasing out the burning at Elk River by increasing waste reduction, recycling and composting (including a new mandate for residential and business composting)            

  • Continuing attainment of County GHGE reduction goals that I authored

  • Building out the full transit system including Orange Line BRT, Green and Blue Line LRT extensions, a dozen arterial BRT lines, and a robust, affordable core bus system

  • Extending biking alternatives for all riders in a smart, strategic way including closing gaps in the system, creation of additional protected bikeways and bike lanes

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