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Pushing Forward, Fighting Back


My name’s Peter McLaughlin, and since the day I first moved to Minneapolis, I have been deeply involved in our community. As your County Commissioner, I have been fighting for every resident of our County, to make this a great place to start and raise a family, to have a well-paying job, and to live a life of dignity and respect.


The Hennepin County Board plays a major role in the daily life of hundreds of thousands of people, and throughout my years of service it has been my greatest priority to improve the living and working conditions of every one of our residents and neighbors.


Working with residents, community partners, and government at all levels, we are investing Hennepin County resources in ways that are building a strong, urban regional center. Our collaborative mix of vision, strategy, and leadership is building a stronger city, county, and region.


We’ve made a lot of progress in my time as a Commissioner, but there is more we must be doing. National economic and political trends have conspired for decades to impede equity and promote disparities.


Now more than ever, we need effective progressive leadership that can build a County that reverse these trends.


Together we can make this possible,


Peter McLaughlin

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