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Criminal Justice Reform


As a nation, we have been on a long, destructive journey focused around a failed war on drugs that increasingly criminalized our population, particularly people of color. This system needs to be dismantled if we are to move to a truly just and equitable community. We need to increase our efforts to divert people who don’t belong in the criminal justice system, intensify re-entry efforts, particularly on the jobs front, and keep law enforcement off the backs of immigrants.  And no one should be in the County jail simply because they are poor.


  • Diverting those who are prostituted, youth, or adults with chemical dependency or mental health issues out away from jail

  • Ending the cycle of victimization, with decriminalizing in-school mistakes and treatment 

  • Decriminalizing Marijuana

  • Providing opportunity through Community Productive Day, construction and building operations jobs on County projects, youth employment hubs      

  • Making court supervision productive, using purchasing power to open job opportunities, and getting at-risk students on career pathways           

  • Expanding and standardizing support services

  • Ending any County partnership with ICE

  • Investing in the Immigrant Legal Defense Fund

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