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Living-Wage Jobs


The County plays a major role in supporting workers: as one of the largest employers in the region, we can lead the way on supporting working families that can have ripple effects on the larger market, increasing pay, benefits, and other opportunities for not only County employees but others in the job market. We have more work to do, and as co-chair of the Hennepin Workforce Leadership Council, I am working with other public and private partners to expand opportunities for our residents.


  • A Countywide implementation of a $15 dollar minimum wage

  • Paid Sick Leave and Family Time

  • Expanding Pathways Program for more public and private sector jobs

  • Expanding scope of union construction training programs for underrepresented groups

  • Increasing higher-education partnerships with Dunwoody, St. Mary’s and other schools

  • Expanding reach and effectiveness of the Opportunity Center at Cedar Riverside

  • Aggressively implementing new County  race- and gender- specific hiring goals

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