"A Rated"

Community service providers


  • Peter Hayden

  • Abah Mohammed

  • Dan Cain

  • James Cross

  • Chuck Peterson

  • Heather Huseby

  • Warren Hanson

  • Gayle Dorfman (former Hennepin County Commissioner)

  • Chris Coleman (former St. Paul Mayor)

  • Patina Park



Community leaders and political activists


  • Ambassador Sam and Sylvia Kaplan

  • Art Rolnick, Early Learning Advocate (retired, Federal Reserve Bank)

  • Sharon Sayles Belton (former Mayor, Minneapolis)

  • Don Fraser (former Mayor, Minneapolis)

  • Tom Hoch (2017 mayoral candidate)

  • Lisa Vecoli (2018 Pride Parade Grand Marshall)

  • Dan Pollock (political activist)

  • Laura LaCroix-Dalluhn (home visiting policy consultant)

  • Kadir Abdulle (community organizer)

  • Omar Fateh (former House candidate)

  • Roble Jama Farah(community organizer)

  • Awil Mohamed Ali (community organizer)

  • Abdalla Omar (community organizer)

  • Kate Mortenson (community leader)

  • Fabian Hoffner (political activist)

  • Robert Lilligren (former City Council member)

  • Kathy O’Brien (former City Council member)

  • Jackie Cherryhomes (former City Council member)

  • D Rojas (Dykes on Bikes founder)

  • John Quincy (former City Council Member)

  • Judy Corrao (former City Council member)

  • Vernon Wetternach (political activist)

  • Gerry Tyrrell (community activist)

  • Matt Toburen (community activist)

  • Kenneth Udoibok (civil rights attorney)

  • Sarah Clarke (political organizer)

  • Sarah Walker (founder, Second Chance Coalition)

  • Lisa Ray Delgado (community activist, former House candidate)



Workforce service providers and policy experts


  • Mike Christianson

  • Mike Wynne

  • John Pacheco

  • Bao Vang

  • Kazoua Kong-Thao

  • Joe Hobot

  • Abdirizak Bihi

  • Mohamed Farrah

  • Jamez Staples





  • Becky Rom

  • Greg Lais

  • Leili Fatehi

  • Sarah Milligan Toffler

  • Natalia Madryga

  • Sharon Day


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